Scholarship Conditions

The Fujitsu Scholarship is offered on the condition that the recipients agree and follow the statement below.

Scholarship Report

Upon completion of Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge program, all participants must submit two formal reports based on their learning during the program.

Absence During the Fujitsu Scholarship Period

  • Should an emergency occur that requires travel to the participant's home country, such travel shall be the participant's personal expense. For the period of absence, the stipend will be prorated and subtracted from the applicable amount(s) set forth in the stipend toward living expenses.
  • Prior notice of absences from class or any travel must be in writing and submitted to the General Manager of Fujitsu-JAIMS Foundation or his/her designee who will inform the Fujitsu Scholarship Program Office of Fujitsu.

Fujitsu Scholarship Termination

All selected scholars are required to participate in good faith, work diligently, and complete the Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge during the program period. Selected Fujitsu Scholars must understand and agree that any serious misconduct in this regard shall warrant immediate termination of the Fujitsu Scholarship without notice and at Fujitsu's sole discretion. The following are some examples of misconduct that could result in such termination:

  • Failure to complete, or absence from, Academic Program without prior written permission from Fujitsu or Fujitsu-JAIMS Foundation.
  • Non-compliance with the regulations, policies and other instructions of Fujitsu and/or Fujitsu-JAIMS Foundation.
  • Immoral, disorderly, indecent, violent, or illegal conduct, including without limitation, violation of visa status.
  • Falsification of, or misstatement in, any student or program application or other records and/or at any interview.
  • Failure to maintain good academic standing or unsatisfactory work performance.

If Fujitsu terminates the Fujitsu Scholarship pursuant to the above, the recipient shall return to his/her home country as promptly as possible. The recipient shall inform Fujitsu in advance, of the date of his/her return and the address, e-mail, and telephone in his/her home country after the return. The recipient agrees that, effective as of the termination date, Fujitsu shall have no obligation to pay or provide any assistance to the recipient whatsoever. Fujitsu may at its sole discretion provide the recipient with the appropriate air ticket for his/her return.

The recipient agrees that if the Fujitsu Scholarship is terminated pursuant to the above, the recipient shall, upon Fujitsu’s request, immediately refund all the benefits and awards paid by Fujitsu and/or Fujitsu-JAIMS Foundation to recipient or on behalf of the recipient.

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