Hawaii Residency Checklist

To assist in determining your residency status, please submit the items checked below with your application. Substitutions should not be made unless specifically notified. Documents containing financial details may be blocked out if requested to determine physical presence (for example, financial statements). Identify these documents with your name and social security number.

Intent to Establish Permanent Residency

  • Tax Clearance Certificate, indicating whether a resident type income tax return was filed last year. This form may be obtained at the Hawaii State Tax Office in your district.
    Notarized or tax preparer's copy of State of Hawaii Resident Income Tax Return for the most recent tax year.
  • Verification that you registered to vote or did vote in Hawaii at least one year ago (or in the year in question). You may submit your State of Hawaii Affidavit of Application for Voter
  • Registration or the City and County Voter's Certificate, both of which may be obtained from City Hall or any of the satellite stations in your district.
  • Resident alien or immigrant card (front and back of card must be presented).

Intent to Establish Permanent Residency or Physical Presence (12 consecutive months)

  • Pay stubs for each of the 12 months from the time you claim legal residence in Hawaii.
  • Written verification from your employer of full-time employment or job search. Show the period (dates/year) of employment.
  • Licensing from the State of Hawaii for professional practice or other licenses issued at least one year ago by the State of Hawaii (for example., general excise license).

Physical Presence (12 consecutive months)

  • Verification of ownership of residential property or continuous rental of a dwelling on a lease basis for at least one year in Hawaii. Please submit copies of ownership papers or lease agreements.
  • Checking or savings financial statements for each of the 12 months from the time you claim legal residence in Hawaii. An official letter from the financial institution with dates of enrollment will suffice.

Proof of Dependency / Nondependency

  • Certified true copy (notarized) of parent's or legal guardian's IRS personal income tax form for the most recent taxable year. Both parents' tax returns are required if they do not file joint returns.
  • Marriage certificate.
  • Legal guardianship papers or court order(s) to support Hawaii custody status.


  • Verification of U.S. Armed Forces Member's Assignment form and a copy of the military orders, both of which show Hawaii as the duty station.
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