Documents to Submit

English proficiency test

I use English every day in my work and have no problem with communication. Do I still need to submit an English proficiency test score?

We need an objective evaluation of your English proficiency, so unless you meet the exemption requirements, you will need to submit your English proficiency test score.

Will my application be accepted if I submit my English proficiency test score after I pass the selection process?

To assess many applicants fairly, all applicants need to submit all their documents including the English proficiency test score at the time of application.

Does my country of citizenship (or the country where I graduated from university) exempt me from the test score requirement?

Only applicants from countries where English is the official language and English is used in daily life are exempt. Currently, we only accept the following countries for exemption: United States, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, and Singapore.

Applicable Program

Can I receive the Fujitsu Scholarship to study for an MBA?

The Fujitsu Scholarship currently applies only to the Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge Program.

Eligibility Criteria

Work experience

I have only two years of work experience. Can I apply?

The applicable program is the Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge, which is aimed at working adults contributing to society and therefore requires at least three years of work experience.

What does "relevant full-time work experience" mean?

This refers to the form of work, but even if you are a non-regular employee, you can still apply provided that you have at least three years of full-time work experience.

I will have three years of work experience by the time the Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge Program starts. Can I apply?

You need to have at least three years of work experience at the time application.

I currently work for a government-affiliated organization. Can I apply?

Yes, you can. There are no restrictions on the type of business or industry.

Qualifying countries

My country is not listed among the qualifying countries. Can anyone in my country apply?

The Fujitsu Scholarship program is not intended simply to provide funds to individuals but to develop personnel who will be able to contribute to advances in the Asia Pacific region. Accordingly, the program applies to only countries that have a Fujitsu affiliated office so that we can follow up with graduates of the program.

My country of citizenship is a qualifying country, but I currently reside in another country. Can I apply?

Yes, you can. However, note that the interview in the second step of the selection process will be held in your country of citizenship. (Transportation costs are at your own expense.)


Can I apply even if I received another scholarship in the past?

Yes, you can unless you received that scholarship from Fujitsu.

I graduated with a degree completely unrelated to business. Can I apply?

Yes, you can. There are no restrictions on the type of degree.

Is there an age limit?

There is no upper or lower age limit. The only age-related requirements are graduation from a four-year university and at least three years of work experience.


Is any job assistance service available after I finish the program?

The Fujitsu Scholarship does not provide such a service.

Will I be getting a job at Fujitsu after I finish the program?

The Fujitsu Scholarship has no such system in place.

I just got to know about the scholarship program. Some of the application documents may not be delivered by the application deadline. Is it acceptable?

The applicants who submit all required application documents which meet the criteria by the application deadline can proceed to the initial screening.

What does the scholarship cover?

Please refer to "Scholarship conditions" page for the details.
Further information will be provided in the scholarship agreement when you are selected as a scholar.

I would like to know the scholarship conditions. Are there any obligations after receiving the scholarship?

Upon completion of Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge program, all participants must submit two formal reports based on their learning during the program. Please also refer to "Scholarship benefits" page. We also expect to scholars to apply your innovation plan which will be created during the program and contribute to the development of your community.

Can I bring my family when I am selected as a scholar and participate in the program?

Some courses of Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge will have classes on Saturday and/or Sunday. (Details of the course schedule will be informed by Program Guidance to the participants.) The participants of the program are not allowed to spend his/her time with his/her family and/or friends during some courses of the program. In addition, the participants may be required to perform some tasks or complete assignments after class or during weekend. We also do not allow the participant's family member and friends to come to the class or accompany site visits.

Global Leadership for Innovation and Knowledge is a very intensive program. We expect the participant's complete dedication to studying during the program, especially as a scholar of the Fujitsu Scholarship program.

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