Details of the Required Documentation

The following is the detailed requirements for application documentations.

1. Fujitsu Scholarship Application Form

Online Application Form: Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge Application Form

2. A photocopy of TOEFL, TOEIC, or IELTS (Academic) score report

Test date must be within the last five years at the time of application.
For exemption, refer to the Qualifications page.

3. Official Academic Transcript or Graduate Certificate in English (No Photocopies)

Either transcript or graduate certificate of your highest degree obtained is required.
- The transcript/graduate certificate has to be submitted in a sealed envelope which has an official's signature or the institution's stamp on where it is sealed. Once the envelope is opened, it is no longer considered valid.
- You may have your academic institution sent your transcript or graduate certificate in the sealed university's envelope directly to the address written in the How to Apply page.

- Information required on the transcript is as follows.
1) Courses
2) Credits/hours
3) Grade
4) Degree
5) Degree conferral
6) Date of degree conferral
7) The official's signature and/or a stamp of the institution.

- Information required on the graduate certificate is as follows.
1) Degree
2) Degree conferral
3) Date of degree conferral
4) The official's signature and/or a stamp of the institution

Note :
In case the transcript or graduate certificate issued by a university does not contain information required for Fujitsu Scholarship admission, submit an official letter from the university to provide such information to the address written in the How to Apply page. The letter must be on the university's letterhead, signed and dated by the university official, and sealed in the university's envelope and/or have a stamp certifying that it's prepared by the university. The envelope must not be opened by anyone including the applicant for it to be considered official.

Notarized copies are not acceptable. If the institution dose not reissue the transcript/graduate certificate, please contact Fujitsu Scholarship Program Office by e-mail with the institution name. E-mail:

Electronic transcripts/certificates are only acceptable if sent directly from your institution to us, or through links from authorized digital credential service providers.

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